About Joe


Background and Military Career:
Sen. Joseph D. Kenney, a Republican from Wakefield, is in his fourteenth year in the legislature. He beat well-known Conway radio talk host and long-time Democratic activist George Cleveland, the Grandson of President Grover Cleveland to win his third term in the Senate this past fall. While a lieutenant colonel in the Marine reserves, active duty, the senator was called up to serve in Iraq during his term last year. He was known to perform constituent service work from his laptop while in Iraq. The senator worked his way up from the rank of private to lieutenant colonel, has been a member of the U.S. Marine Corps since 1980, and today serves as a special projects officer. During his career, Joe has also been a public assistance officer, a teacher, and a summer youth director.

Awards & Honors:

  • New Hampshire Medical Society Senator of the Year Award, 2006
  • NH Association of Counties Senator of the Year Award, 2006


Bills Sponsored:

  • Organ Donor
  • Nurses Compact Act
  • Bill for Midwives’ Insurance Coverage
  • Bingo Bill, which would lower the age of Senior Bingo and increase the stakes
  • Purple Heart Trail (prime sponsor and mover)
  • Strong advocate for oral health in New Hampshire


Public Service:
Joe Kenney grew up in a small business family.  He was first elected to the New Hampshire Senate in November 2002. Previously, he served as a member of the New Hampshire House of Representatives for four terms. Kenney formerly served as vice-chair of the Carroll County delegation. Previous leadership positions held include:

  • Chairman of Transportation, 2002-2004
  • Chairman of Executive, Department and Administration Committee, 2004-2006
  • Health and Human Services Committee (six years)


Kenney currently serves on the Executive Departments and Administration Committee, and the Health and Human Services Committee.
The senator resides in Wakefield and is a graduate of the University of New Hampshire, where he earned a bachelor's degree


He is married with two children and a 42-year resident of Wakefield.