Why Joe?



It is time for a Governor who knows how to get results with the legislature


  • Joe has 14 Years in the Legislature (4 terms House, 3 Terms Senate)
  • He knows where cuts can be made because he has worked with state agencies for 14 years



It is time for a Governor who can make decisions and lead


  • Joe worked his way up in the Marines from Private to Lt. Col. and served two tours in Iraq. He can make tough decisions and as a Marine there is no doubt he is a leader who can get results.
  • Once chairman of his Board of Selectman in Wakefield, Joe understands government at the local level and the impact of planning a decision making


It is time for a Governor who is one of the people

  • Joe is not a millionaire like Governor Lynch. Joe truly represents and understands the struggles and concerns of New Hampshire’s citizens, a dollar means something to him.
  • He grew up in New Hampshire.
  • He graduated from Spaulding High in Rochester and UNH.
  • He is watching his state turn into Massachusetts and he wants to stop it.
  • He values the New Hampshire he grew up in and wants to preserve it.



And just in case you need any more reasons as to why we need Joe Kenney:

  • 17.5% budget increase
  • Over 30 taxes and fee increases
  • Parental Rights being ignored and eliminated
  • Our way of life and the unique nature of NH’s “Live free or die” philosophy challenged