Joe Kenney's Announcement for Governor



I want to Thank you for coming today. The reason I am running for Governor can be summed up in one sentence:


…I am running for Governor to keep New Hampshire from becoming Massachusetts so that the people who grew up in this state and the people who moved here because they love New Hampshire can still afford to live in their homes and are not

spent out of them by John Lynch.


I want to stop the spending spree in Concord and the borrow and spend mentality of Governor Lynch and his party that have increased over 30 fees and taxes and tolls on the citizens of New Hampshire


I am running today because as the kid who grew up in New Hampshire and served his country from NH I am tired of seeing my state being turned into Massachusetts .


I believe it will take a citizen legislator (in my case a 14 year legislator) who understands what a dollar means not a CEO to unravel the mess created in concord


I am running to keep New Hampshire, New Hampshire to stop the spending spree and keep New Hampshire that unique place in New England that as Mel Thompson said  is “what America use to be” We are losing our state and becoming just another liberal tax and spend copy of the rest of New England.


I want a Return to NH values


A new Hampshire where …

Small Businesses are supported not burdened with greenhouse gas initiatives and more regulation…



Parental rights are restored


…and where

NH Frugality in spending and budgeting are restored



Lynch’s Failure to Lead


I am running because of John Lynch’s failed leadership


He did not show leadership on 3 key fronts …


He failed in these areas


---The constitutional amendment on educational funding


----the state retirement system


----Protecting the Highway trust fund from being used as an atm machine…instead he used the agencies like pease as an atm to fund his deficit





I would like to cite some specific differences between myself and John Lynch


Cannon Mountain

Governor does not support privatizing cannon mountain for much needed revenue I do


Green House Gas Reducing Energy Costs

Governor wants us to support a greenhouse gas initiative that is going to raise the cost of energy on every small business with questionable savings down the road.  I say now is not the time to raise the cost of energy on people….this is a special interest pet project of the liberal wing of his party and our citizens cant afford their Governor to get us into this now to appease anyone



My approach to spending will be that of a conservative. Putting our debt on a credit card and continuing to spend without making significant cuts is wrong and not the NH way. The Governor implemented a hiring freeze far too late and never told anyone it did not include consultants.

I will implement an immediate spending cap that is real and includes consultants until we get a handle on our budget and control over the spending



I will be a Hands on Manager who can make a decision


I will be hands on manger unlike john lynch

        ---- I will call for departments to set mission statements and priorities…

        ---- I will go after the uncollected monies at the dept of corrections as cited in the LBA reports

        --- I will call for a real freeze on spending that includes consultants

        --- I will not be run over by my party when it comes to protecting New Hampshire



Today in Concord I will issue a challenge to John Lynch and it is this


I believe money is the problem with politics.


I challenge Governor John Lynch to join me and make this election about people not money. I’m sure most citizens would agree with me when I say I do not believe the people want to see a candidate spend more than 1.2 million dollars on politics in a Governors race. 


In New Hampshire we have always been about meeting people and talking to them at the grassroots level.


By taking the spending limit cap on my campaign I am also illustrating what I would do as Governor I will implement real spending limits in our state budget as well. The Governor has not shown the leadership to put spending limits on the state budget and I believe he will not show the leadership to make the race about people not money.


Spending Limits will be a part of my campaign and spending Limits are the way I will Govern  a commitment to spending limits are the key to solving many of our  problems in state government and I believe in spending limits like most   average nh citizens



My 5 Top Priorities as Governor



1. Cut spending and improve efficiency of Government


2. Reduce Energy Costs

(by saying no to greenhouse gas and actively                             

        persuing energy  alternatives right here in NH

        …biodesiel and examining alternative sources)


3. Create jobs

(by returning Nh to being a small business friendly state and marketing the state better)


4. Push forward full service hospital for veterans


5. Preserve the NH Advantage of no income tax no sales tax