It’s the Spending!
Joe filed a spending cap bill that the Democrats defeated this year.  John Lynch keeps trying to blame the national economy for his lack of priorities and decision-making. However, the national economy is not the problem! Rather, the problem is the over-spending and pandering to special interests.  For example, the LCHIP (Land Community Heritage Investment Program) budget has more than tripled from its previous funding. Joe filed a bill that would have provided two self-funding mechanisms for LCHIP: a voluntary contribution box and a license plate.  The democrats in the state congress defeated both creative ideas.
A governor must set priorities and make decisions. Lynch has done neither.
Will you be able to live in your home two years from now if New Hampshire re-elects John Lynch?

It’s very nice to go up and greet workers when they lose their jobs, but how about bringing some companies in so they can find a new job? Joe is a very kind person and was the first one on the scene when a plant in his district closed. He wanted to be part of the rapid response team. When the Lynch administration attested that legislators could not participate, Joe Kenney filed a bill to try to change that. He also helped to bring a new employer to the trade center through his personal contacts and tireless efforts.
Joe believes we are not marketing our advantage well enough. We need to use places like the Manchester Airport and other smaller airports as marketing centers to sell New Hampshire. Joe wants to bring back the action team that Governor Benson began, which would call companies in other states on a daily basis and encourage them to come to New Hampshire.

Joe has spent his whole career in the legislature helping veterans. He has been a member of the Veterans’ Council and has help hundreds of veterans resolve issues. He was a prime mover of the Veterans Plate and sponsor of the Purple Heart Trail. He is making the issue of a full service hospital in Manchester a major part of his campaign. Our veterans deserve the best. Joe heard of a veteran who had been trying for two years to get a needed operation on his foot. The vet’s wife said they had been to every politician and gotten nowhere! Joe spent three hours on the phone and resolved it in one day. His concern for veterans is not political. It’s personal.


Illegal Immigration
Joe filed a bill to ensure that New Hampshire would never become a sanctuary state for illegal immigrants. The democrats defeated it. Joe is sick of the cost of illegal immigration and wants to do whatever he  can do at the state level to enforce the law.


Family Issues
Joe has a 14-year pro-life, pro-family voting record. He is very concerned that New Hampshire is not New Hampshire anymore when it comes to the protection of Parental Rights. He spoke strongly on the Senate floor against the defeat of the Parental Notification bill. He strongly supports home schooling and charter schools.


Education Funding
Joe believes that the court needs to get out of the business of legislating. He also believes we need a solution to the long-standing issue that involves targeted aid and local control. The issue of defining what is adequate and sticking to the basics on the state level is at the heart of the problem. John Lynch has control of the House, Senate, and Executive Council and yet he still has not exhibited any leadership on this issue.


Joe sponsored or co-sponsored 99 bills this year on a variety of issues and topics. These may be found on the senate website at